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Travis Bohn

Travis has experience being the talent in front of the camera. As he enjoys his on camera roles he also enjoys being behind the camera. He brings a unique perspective having the experience of both sides of the camera that is irreplaceable. Travis has been riding dirt bikes ever since he was 2 and all he's ever wanted was to have a life revolved around dirt bikes. When it comes to getting the angles for actions it is practically in his DNA. His brother and him are a well oiled machine and have as much fun as possible when filming because he feels like he has the most fun job ever.


Talon Bohn

Talon started with an interest in photography and quickly found the video features. From there he started filming during the summer at his local motocross track. Ever since then he has brought his camera everywhere he goes. He strives for greatness by working on his craft 24/7. Talon is learning new editing techniques and his creativity is through the roof and it shows in the final product. He looks up to many of the well know motocross filmers and tried to learn from them as he makes his own mark on the industry.

Pinned Out Productions, By Align Media

What is Pinned Out Productions?


Pinned Out Productions is a small group of video professionals with a focus in Motocross and Supercross. But anything motorcycle and action sports related is the passion of the group.

We have the connections to the top athletes in the sport. This allows us to get up close and personal with them to bring the best content. We want to be the people you think of for sick moto shots.

We also do branded content for any company that needs any social content or event larger brand videos. If you or someone you know is looking to up their video content we can help.

That being said we not only work for big brands in the sport. We also are at the local tracks weekly. If you want a sick edit to make all your friends jealous , we have you covered. We will get you the shots with an edit and even share on our profile for more exposure so you know everybody will see it.

We look forward to working with you. If you haven't already check out our social media profiles. And contact us to get a step ahead of the rest.

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